Ingo is the first book in the Ingo Chronicles. Ingo is also the place of where the story leads to become reality.

Sapphire, is the narrator of Ingo. She shares her experiences at the start of the book to the end of the tetralogy. The first book experiences happiness.

This is tarnished when her father, Mathew Trewhella suddenly disappears on a calm, flat night at sea. Sapphire's mum, Jennie Trewhella is worried that her husband, Mathew may never return back and is pronounced by many others as dead. However many girls render Sapphire's father as someone who deserted them for another life and another woman.

As Sapphire and Conor, her brother decipher the reasons behind their father's disappearance, they soon encounter a world underneath the world, the sea, by the name of Ingo. There they met the Mer, a group of people living underneath the sea in the world of Ingo. The two people they meet are Faro and Elvira, Faro of whom took Sapphire on a travel underneath the world of Ingo. From there, their adventure begins with the magnificent explorations they encounter during their travels.Ingo is set in Cornwall,England, it appears as though the world of Ingo is global however in this book Ingo is only mentioned being in Cornwall.